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If you are looking for wine and beer shop in jaipur. Then you are at right place Kings liquor junction Jaipur Based liquor store where you can get every brands rum, whisky, beer, champagne, brandy , scotch whisky, vodka etc in good price.




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Wine and Beer Shop in Jaipur


Carlsberg is one of the most well-known beers in Jaipur. With a tricky catchphrase of 'Most likely the most effective Beer on the planet.' Carlsberg Elephant Solid Super Premium is extremely powerful and arises with a vibrant malty personality.

Bira 91

This is among the best beer brand names in India. A cult classic, shall we state? Most definitely the tastiest beer blend to have ever been in Jaipur, Bira 91 has fallen records like bowling pins within its short period of presence.


In Jaipur, This faultlessly carbonated beer, frothier taste, Heineken has obtained a substantial follower complying with, not noticed extremely regularly in numerous other around the world mass-manufactured brew beers.


This is among the very best beer brands its available at wine and beer shop in Jaipur. MillerCoors High Life is your prototypical American-style lager beer, with a clear golden body as well as medium-high carbonation. It flaunts a trendy, revitalising taste and a suitable equilibrium of scrumptious flavours.

Wine and Beer Shop in Jaipur

Black Label

One of the most substantial selling brand names in the world, Black Label is a superior offering among scotch whiskies available in India. This can be quickly gotten anywhere in India consisting of Jaipur.

Johnnie Walker

It is one of the globe's best selling mixed scotch whisky brand names and also is sold in practically every nation. The unique mix has gotten to every component of the world, including Jaipur, making Johnnie Pedestrian the first-ever truly worldwide brand name.


Antiquity scotch is prominent Wine and beer shop in Jaipur. If you have a unique occasion, a McAllen has to be your appropriate option. Noticeable malt, as well as abundant timber flavours, are supplemented with a hint of peat and also heather.

Chivas Regal

This is the beginning whisky from your house of Chivas Regal, among the world's most demanded ultra-premium combined Scotch whisky brand names. This is supplied in all India and also is supplied in lots in Jaipur.